Elemental HR



Elemental HR has a dedicated team that focuses on recruiting based on client relationships. The only way we can manage to find and select the person that fits seamlessly into your organization is by knowing the leaders and the culture promoted within.

Our team assists organizations in building their team with the right talent. When we mention talent, we are talking about the skills and passion a candidate brings to your business. Elemental HR is oriented towards finding the right fit within your organization.

We acknowledge the fact that each organization represents a team of individuals that must understand what their role and duties are within that particular business. Hence, we will concentrate our energy on the following important aspects of every hire:

Skill Set – What are the skills required to be successful at the position and within the organization?

Personality fit – Will the candidate get along with all members of your organization?

Role fit – Will the candidate’s career goals match the career development path within your organization?

If you are looking for the best recruitment services, Elemental HR provides the following:

Candidate Sourcing – the identification of the candidates with the proper skill set and experience for the job.

Pre-Interview – in person meeting, when possible, to review the position with the candidate and review the candidate’s resume / personality to ensure the best possible match with the position.

Reference Checks – provision of two qualified references in full detail.

Submission of Candidate – submit both the resume and reference checks to the hiring manager and the booking of an interview.

Verification of Skill Set – verification of professional designation, education and skill set.

Negotiation – assist with the negotiation of an offer between the selected candidate and the client.

Follow Up – following the placement, timely conversations with both the candidate and the hiring manager about the accommodation with the new role.

Besides our vast experience in the field, our pricing also sets us apart from other recruiting firms. We offer an affordable rate for one or all of the services listed above. Moreover, for retained searches we have a flat commission structure which is more cost effective than what other recruiting firms can provide.